Passion, richness of perspectives and personality. These are the driving forces behind our ideas, concepts and filming. Our work consists of developing brand identities and establishing them with our services. As young creative minds, we are open and flexible for different approaches, with which we efficiently and uncomplicatedly create the best possible brand experience for you.

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I am fascinated

Moving image because I can reach people emotionally with it. When I fly, film or photograph, then I am completely in my element. Film is a very special medium of communication. It transports information but also dreams and it appeals to almost all the senses. To make this possible, we need technology, a lot of technology. Drones, film cameras, gimbals, light and much more. We master all this from the FF. Translated with

Fynn Schmidt

For me

the film is the most interesting medium to tell stories and transport emotions. The most exciting is the transformation of an idea into a concept and a later film, which deals with topics that can be created using various tools. 

Lukas Hundertpfund


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